Towards a World of Peace and Harmony

Promotion of World Peace and Amity by strengthening values that reinforce respect for Human Rights, individual freedom and pluralism in the changing world today.

Work towards a culture of peace with the belief that peace begins in the mind of each individual.

Development of conflict resolution methodology, with emphasis on peace-building at all levels.

Emphasise on concepts like multiculturalism, affirmative action, democratisation and respect for all human beings.

International Centre for Peace Studies is a non-governmental, non-profit-making registered society, engaged in the study and research on issues relating to peace and conflict in societies across the world since 1993. The activities of the Centre include evolving frameworks to study conflict situations, conceptualising the conflicts and developing strategies to address such situations. Restructuring of the prevailing systems through non-violent means and methods is the central principle governing the Centre's efforts aimed at conflict-resolution. The Centre aims at developing a methodology of conflict resolution and meeting the challenges of social tensions released by post-modern developmental paradigms. The Centre has a focus on human rights, peace education and multi-culturalism.

The Centre, in terms of the directions in the Memorandum of Association, is guided by a governing body of seven members. The Centre is also advised by an International Research Advisory Council comprising scholars, academics and peace researchers from different parts of the World.

ICPS-International Center For Peace Studies

Journal of Peace Studies, a quarterly research journal is being published under the auspices of the Centre since 1993. The Centre publishes Occasional Papers / Monographs and Books on various issues relating to peace and conflict from time to time.

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