Syed Eesar Mehdi is currently associated with a project at Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. He is also an Associate Research Fellow at International Centre for Peace Studies, New Delhi, India.


The recent Pakistani move to push out Afghan refugees seems to have been less carefully thought through because it could jeopardise informal relationship between the Afghan people and the Pakistan government at the popular level on the one hand and rile the Pakistani Pashtun population in the border areas on the other. Rather than containing the TTP, this move may actually further legitimize its Islamist campaign against the Pakistan state.


There is a need to retell the facts as has been the attempt in the preceding paragraphs and nail the Pakistani lies on Balakot. One wishes, rather than wasting its scarce resources on such lame propaganda, Pakistan should learn to mend its ways and its relations with India, which will help it divert its resources towards development of its people.


The audio leaks have set off a negative impulse in Pakistani society which will have an adverse impact on democratic politics in the country for a long time to come. It is likely to give rise to pervasive cynicism and lack of public trust in the existing system that includes the army and may create the context for the rise of orthodox forces who lay emphasis on ethics and morality.