Expanding BRICS in the Shadow of China: Hegemony with Chinese Characteristics!

Shraddha Rishi, Ajay Kumar Mishra

With the expansion of BRICS round the corner, China is expected to exploit BRICS’ economic potential to advance its national interest, guided by Chinese characteristics--  autocratic, hegemonic, and expansionist-- to enlarge its sphere of influence in a competitive world order.

A Debilitated UNRWA will only Increase the Misery of the Palestinians

Gautam Sen

It is evident that, the most prosperous UN member state, i.e. the US, is not inclined to augment the UNRWA’s finances, notwithstanding the lead humanitarian role being played by the UNRWA in Gaza and the West Bank. Countries like India and those from the European Union, should step in as even-handedly as possible and induce a change in the stance of the major donor countries towards UNRWA and its activities. A debilitated UNRWA will only increase the misery of the Palestinians.

“March Beyond Silence” from Turbat to Islamabad: Baloch Women Taking Islamabad by Storm

Poorva Vyas

As the cases of disappearances continue to rise in Balochistan, there is a hardening of sentiments among the Baloch people which is likely to intensify as the state agencies continue to trample on the legitimate aspirations of the people. The insurgency in Balochistan is likely to gain further legitimacy if this state of affairs is allowed to perpetuate in the name of containing secessionism.

Rumblings in Gilgit-Baltistan: Demands for Autonomy Gathering Momentum

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah

The demands involving royalty from electricity generation courtesy Diamer-Bhasha dam, making electricity available to the people of G-B and share of the people in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will continue to agitate the minds of the people in the region, especially because denial of their rights years, despite clear instructions from the judiciary, has sparked a sense of rebellion among them. Authorities in Pakistan can only ignore their genuine demands at their own peril.

Terror Financing
The Complexity of Terror Financing in Kashmir: A Review

Syed Eesar Mehdi

This review commentary seeks to capture various strands of the findings made in the work done by Dr. Abhinav Pandya's recently released book, Terror Financing in Kashmir, which examines Pakistan's elaborate and multi-layered system of funding terrorism in the region in a comprehensive manner.

Pakistan's Afghan Deportation Policy: Humanitarian Crisis and International Obligations

Zaheena Naqvi

For decades, Afghans have faced inhuman treatment in Pakistan, a trend reflected in the 2023 deportation policy, reminiscent of past actions by Pakistani authorities, such as the 2017 deportations. While the previous exercises brought Islamabad global censure, it is surprising that the current campaign, illegitimate as it is, has not drawn any criticism at the international level.